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The Benefits of Providing Financial Education in the Workplace

Financial, physical, and mental wellness go hand-in-hand. The stress an employee endures concerning their finances can impact their physical and mental health, and their workplace productivity.

Although you may already offer an attractive benefit plans that cover medical, fitness reimbursements, and even the many variables of insurance. Providing financial planning services gives you a progressive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.

How Employee Financial Stress is Costing Your Business
  • 1/3 of employees are distracted at work due to financial stresses
  • 15% of employees are spending over 3hrs per week on their financial stresses while at work
  • 24% say their employer offers services to assist them with personal finances and more than two-thirds (71%) say they’ve used the services
Investing in Employee Financial Health is Good for Business

While no single wellness benefit drives retention, holistically, wellness benefits show your company cares —and that does drive retention.

  • Around 37 percent of employees are actively or casually looking for another job.
  • An additional 36 percent would be willing to consider another job if someone approached them.

With nearly 3/4 of your workforce seeking external opportunities, offering the right financial wellness benefits can help you keep the talent you have.

Our Financial Wellness Program

Frame’s financial wellness platform is specifically designed to enhance your benefits strategy.

Our goal is to improve your employees financial wellness through educational initiatives, evaluating retirement plans, and enhancing your overall employee wellness offering.

Through our intuitive online financial planning portal we can develop a strategic roadmap that identifies financial wellness goals and proper interventions aimed to improve employee financial & physical health.