Financial Planning For All

How it Works

It starts with you

Your current financial situation and future goals are unique. The planning process starts by completing a simple financial questionnaire. It's okay if you don't have all of your information readily available or if you aren't sure how to answer some questions. You and your planner can easily update your plan information anytime.

After you complete the questionnaire, our software does thousands of calculations to generate your personal online financial plan.

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A human touch

Getting a beautiful, custom, and adjustable online plan for free is great. Being able to also discuss your plan with a financial expert on your schedule is amazing.

Our team of Plan Heros will work with you to ensure that your plan puts your money to work, protects your wealth, and allows you to reach your goals.

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Make it happen

The final step is implementing your plan so you can reach your objectives. Your plan might entail making adjustments to your spending, setting up investment accounts, paying down debt, getting appropriate insurance coverage, or creating an automated savings plan for a specific goal. No matter what you need, we have you covered!

We've partnered with some amazing Canadian companies to help implement components of your plan.

Investment Partner

Our investment philosophy is simple. We don't pick stocks or try to beat the market. When it suits your financial plan, we connect you with great investment managers who are experts at developing low-fee diversified portolios.

Mortgage Partner

Borrowing wisley is part of any sound financial plan. Whether you are refinancing, or buying your first house, it helps to know what mortgage options are available. Blink is an online Canadian mortgage broker that sources the best options for you.

Why Frame


The best financial advice is tailored to your individual situation and goals.


Financial planning isn't just for the wealthy. Everyone can benefit from creating a financial plan and working with a qualified planner. With the magic of software, we can offer financial planning for free!

We also search for the best financial offerings to help save you even more money. For example, through our investment partner, clients can set up RRSP, TFSA, RESP, and non-registered accounts, and build custom investment portfolios that cost less than 1% in annual fees. Most mutual funds charge over 2.3% in annual fees. On a $100,000 portfolio, that's at least $1,300 in savings every year 1 .


Financial planning can sound daunting, but it shouldn't be. We do all the hard work, so you can have peace of mind that you're making the right decisions with your money.

Your time is valuable, which is why you can easily access and adjust your online plan anytime and connect with your Plan Hero when it fits your schedule.


Your plan will have actionable advice on what to do with your money every month. Your Plan Hero will work with you to help you stay on track and make adjustments as needed. Frame is like a personal trainer for your money.


When someone at a bank provides advice, their objective is to sell you expensive bank owned financial products.

Frame isn't owned by any financial institution, so we independently source the best financial services and products for you. Since you can see your plan, it's easy to see why certain recommendations fit your unique goals. For example, we might not recommend life insurance to someone who is single and in school, but we might recommend it to a couple that has a house and children.

Although we can help you get insurance, set up a low-fee investment portfolio, and obtain a great mortgage, you always can decide whether you want to use one of our partners or another provider. You don't need to use any product or service we might recommend to get an amazing free plan and personal advice.

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Meet the Team


Jesse White, MBA, FPSC Level 1®CEO & Co-Founder

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I've always had a passion for investing and finance. I bought my first share when I was 13, and I founded a personal finance club in University while completing my undergraduate finance degree. While working at a national investment firm, I quickly realized that the sales focused structure of the traditional finance industry makes it difficult to always put the client's interest first. I transitioned industries and moved into a corporate role at one of Canada's largest companies. I continued to help peers and friends with their personal finances, as they found it difficult to get relevant and unbiased advice elsewhere.

I realized that most investment advisors only work with people who already have millions of dollars or charge thousands for an independent financial plan. I left my job and started Frame with a mission to help Canadians plan for a better future by making the right decisions with their money today. I have an MBA from the Haskayne School of Business and I am a FPSC Level 1 Certificant®.

Carl Adde - CTO & Co-Founder

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After I completed my degree in electrical engineering, I worked as a software engineer for seven years at one of Canada's largest communications companies. I've also worked as a full-stack developer at various early stage startup companies.

As a software developer, I didn't focus on my own financial picture, even though I knew I should. Whenever I sought advice, I found that all of the solutions were either sales focused or expensive. I saw that there was a need to help others like myself, so I teamed up with Jesse to start Frame and help Canadians better manage their finances.

At Frame I focus on creating secure financial planning software that allows Canadians to easily make the best decisions with their money. 

Business Advisors

Naheed Gilani, CFA, CFP - Business Advisor

Naheed has over 14 years of financial industry experience. In his most recent role, he was responsible for analyzing portfolios and researching stocks for over 50 investment consultants. He has a special interest in ethical investing and is an alumni of the Human Venture Leadership Program. He provides guidance on Frame's complex financial planning technology.

Naheed is a CFA® charterholder and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).  

Aziz Kapasi, CA - Business Advisor

With over 10 years of accounting experience with a focus in tax, Aziz helps Frame in developing our proprietary personal finance model. Aziz has owned and operated his own businesses and has consulted and invested in various technology startups.

Aziz is a Chartered Accountant and is a partner at Kapasi & Associates.  

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Our Mission

87% of Canadians wish they had made better financial decisions earlier in life and 42% rank money as their greatest stress 2 . For many Canadians, financial advice comes from commissioned salespeople or costly fee-for-service planners.

We started Frame to solve this problem. Personal finance is an extremely important part of everyone's life and having a strong financial framework enables people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our mission is to empower individuals to do more with their money and improve global gifinancial wellness.

1 - Actual fees will vary based on factors such as, but not limited to, investment partner chosen, individual portfolio choices, and amount invested. This example assumes a 0.4% investment partner fee, 0.25% Frame fee, and 0.15% ETF portfolio fee to get a total 0.8% fee estimate. Canadian mutual fund fees average 2.35% according to Morningstar.
2 - Source