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 The best price is:

  • Build your custom online financial plan in minutes
  • Access and update your plan anytime
  • One-on-one calls with a qualified Plan Hero
  • A team that fights for your financial success
  • ONLINE FINANCIAL PLAN - Create your custom digital financial plan in minutes. Your plan helps you take control of your financial life by showing your current net worth, budget, and savings plan. You can visually see your future net worth and cash flow, which will help ensure that you are on the right financial path to reach your goals.
  • UPDATE ANYTIME - Having a financial plan is a great starting point, but your life is dynamic. Maybe you are considering a career change, have a child on the way, or want to buy a house - no worries! You will be able to adjust your online plan anytime to reflect changes in your life. You can make changes on your own or discuss your plan with our team to make sure it stays relevant and that your goals are achievable.
  • EXPERT ADVICE ON YOUR SCHEDULE - All Frame planners (Plan Heros) are FPSC Level 1® Certificants or hold the CFP® designation, which means they completed rigorous financial planning curriculum and exams covering cash flow management, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance, tax planning, and investments. Our Plan Heros also adhere to the ethical guidelines set by the Financial Planning Standards Council. We know you are busy, which is why you can book a call with your planner when it best fits your schedule.
  • A TEAM THAT FIGHTS FOR YOU - Whether you require investment management, insurance protection, or mortgages, our team will find for the best solution for you. Frame isn't owned by a large bank, so we search for the best rates and financial services that complement your specific plan. Your interest is always put first.

Reach your financial goals at a price less than...

Gym Membership = $900+ per year 1

Daily Coffee = $1,004 per year 2

Meal Delivery Subscription = $3,000+ per year 3

A Better Approach

Frame Traditional Investment Advisor Hourly Planner
Client Requirement None $500,000+ 
of investable assets 4
Pricing Model Free 5 Percentage of managed
Plan fee
+ ongoing retainer
Cost Free 5 $7,500+ per year 6 $3,000+ 7

1 - Based on Goodlife Fitness membership in Toronto as of 10/8/2018.
2 - Based on $2.75 coffee bought 365 days per year
3 - Based on GoodFood Pricing Page - weekly cost of $65 for three recipes.
4 - Minimums will vary across advisors. Advisors may have minimums below $500,000
5 - If it fits within your plan, Frame may collect fees when implementing certain plan components like investment management and insurance protection. Frame only partners with reputable firms. There is no requirement to use Frame or our partners to implement your plan. More on this: how we make money.
6 - Based on 1.5% investment management fee on $500,000.
7 - From three Canadian financial planning companies publicly listed prices as of 1/6/2019: 1, 2, 3