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Innovative online financial planning software and unbiased financial planners working together to improve your employees' financial well-being

Higher Productivity

Employees who stress about finances at home will keep stressing about them during their workday. Did you know that employees with poor financial health took 36% more sick days than those with normal financial health?

46% of Canadian employees said financial stress impacts their workplace performance.

Increase Retention

Employees love working for companies that care about their overall well-being. While many companies offer health benefits, the most progressive employers understand that financial wellness programs help them retain the best talent.

Employee Demand

According to PWC research, financial wellness is the most desired employer benefit that employees don't already have.

74% of Canadian employers feel that they should help employees with their financial wellness.

Positive Return on Investment

The Government of Canada estimates that the cost of financial stress costs companies $1,000 per employee every year.

Business owners and managers understand that costly salary raises on their own can't solve their employees' financial concerns. 

A financial framework for your employees

  • Free access to Frame's online financial planning software and dedicated financial planners

  • Educational in-person finance workshops and online courses

  • Complementary to any group savings, pension, or benefit plans already in place

  • Unbiased access to additional financial services that fits the employee's specific plan

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